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great danes


Chuck is a boxer/great dane mix from Orlando, Florida

He was adopted from the local SPCA. He loves riding in the car, eating peanut butter, and chasing lizards. He’s also a big face licker. His full name is Chuck Norris.


Max the Great Dane Mix from California

Hello there. I’m Max, a great dane/boxer mix from Los Angeles. Two families adopted me and gave me up before I even turned 7 months old. But now I have a loving family that knows I’m just a 140-pound baby. My favorite place to be is the beach. I’m always the first one in the water, beating out my lab and golden retriever siblings. When I’m not at the beach, I’m lazy, I snore, and I like to hang out with cats. Me, the other 2 dogs, and the 3 cats all came from shelters. Shelter pets rule!


Colby the Boxer Mix from North Carolina

Hi, my name is Colby and I’m a boxer/Great Dane Mix from Raleigh, NC. A nice police officer found me, my mom, and my siblings on the side of the road. I was the runt of the litter, but I turned out to be the biggest (and most handsome)! My favorite things are licking peanut butter out of my kong toy, getting belly rubs, and leaning all my weight on people and furniture, usually to the point of knocking them over. And I got to do a very special job not too long ago. Daddy made me the bearer of Mommy’s engagement ring!


Cole the Boxer Mix

Hi, my name is Cole and I’m a boxer/Great Dane mix. My family inherited me from a relative who didn’t have the time for such a flamboyant, playful buddy. I love to play with all the neighborhood cats. And when they’re not around, my favorite things are my dad and my old tire. If you throw me the old tire, I will happily bring it back, slobber included.