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cattle dogs


Mitzi is a terrier mix from Melbourne, Australia

She is going on 10 years old and is very tolerant of her little kitten brother who attacks her in her sleep. Mitzi has lots of doggy friends that she plays with but can get grumpy with some dogs she doesn’t know. She has a big personality and loves playing ball.


Thea the Cattle Dog Mix from Oregon

Hi, my name is Thea (short for Theano-Purl) and I’m a cattle dog/border collie mix from Portland, OR. I was adopted through Northwest Border Collie Rescue a few months ago. Mommy says I’m pure sunshine. I love every man, woman, child, and fellow canine I meet. But I also have a mischievous side. Mom thinks I must have been a vacuum cleaner in a previous life because I eat everything I find, including her craft supplies. More than anything, I love my older sister Panda.


Panda the Collie Mix from Oregon

My name is Panda and I am a border collie/cattle dog mix from Portland, OR. I’m originally from Los Angeles, where I was employed as an actress. I appeared in a TV commercial, but then my co-stars and I all came down with parvo. The training company we worked for gave us all away to families. Mine moved up north, and although I miss Hollywood, I love the lifestyle here. My favorite place is the beach – I would live there every day if I could. Recently I got a new little sister who I love very much.


Sister the Cattle Dog Mix from Arizona

Howdy! My name is Sister and I’m a cattle dog mix from Tucson, AZ. I was adopted from the Tucson Humane Society when I was just under a year old. My all-time favorite thing to do is chase a ball, but sometimes I catch frisbees, too. I weigh 18 lbs. and can jump really high. When Daddy comes home, I jump into his arms.


Rocky the Cattle Dog Mix from Maryland

Hey there! My name is Rocky. They call me “Da Boy.” I’m a blue heeler mixed with a little bit of everything. I was born outside Austin, TX but my owners didn’t take good care of me. My new mom snatched me up and moved me to Clear Spring, MD. I’m a “freak of nature”, as they say, because I’m a 104 lbs. with tiny ears and front legs that are shorter than my back legs. But I am a good boy, and very smart! I live at the foot of a mountain and I like to keep watch from the porch.