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Lexy is an American bulldog mix from High Springs, Florida

She was adopted from the Alachua County Animal Shelter “because she was absolutely irresistible.” She is very sweet and playful and loves attention. Her favorite toys are random sticks she finds in the yard, and since she lives on a five-acre lot, she spends most of her time running around with a large stick in her mouth. Lexy also likes to annoy the cat, even though she secretly loves her.


Echo the St. Bernard Mix from Virginia

My name is Echo. I’m a St. Bernard/American bulldog mix from Elkton, VA in the Shenandoah Valley. I’m a big, affectionate goofball. My name used to be Toby, but it didn’t suit me at all. Daddy re-named me Echo, because he always has to repeat himself when he tells me to do something. Sometimes Daddy takes my ball and throws it. I still can’t figure out why he does that. It’s very annoying.


Zoey the Staffy Mix from Michigan

My name is Zoey and I’m a one-year-old staffy/bulldog mix from Kalamazoo, MI. My Mommy volunteers at the local shelter, and the minute she saw me she wanted to take me home. She was nervous though, because someone else had already signed up to adopt me! But you know what? Those other people never came to get me. So I got to go home with Mommy! I’m a happy girl. I’ve only been with my family for less than a year, but we have so much fun together.


Duke the Beagle Mix from Illinois

My name is Duke and I am a beagle/bulldog mix puppy from Morris, IL. I spend my days playing with my big sister and getting into everything. I like toys that make noise (especially the ones that give Mommy a headache), and I love people, especially kids. I’m getting bigger every day, but I’m still a bundle of puppy energy!