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Luca is a bernese mountain dog/retriever mix from New Jersey

Luca is a bernese mountain dog/retriever mix from New Jersey, big brother to the loveable Molly Mack, luvmutt from 3/5/07. He excels at obedience and loves rally (which is an obedience competition) and freestyle (which is a choreographed performance to music). Luca is an active guy, but he still finds time to relax.


Hanna the Bernese Mountain Dog Mix from Pennsylvania

My name is Hanna and I’m a bernese mountain dog/lab mix from Hershey, PA (too bad I can’t have chocolate, huh?) I was adopted from the Ohio County Animal Shelter in a remote part of West Virgina. The people there were very good to me and they worked very hard to find me a family. My name at the shelter was 036-123, but my new mom thought I looked more like a Hanna. She always says, “The best dogs come from shelters!” and I think I’m proof of that.


Rocko the Pitbull Mix from New York

My name is Rocko Balboa and I’m a Bernese mountain dog/pitbull mix from Corning, NY. As you can see, I’m still a tiny little puppy. My family just adopted me and they’re still getting to know my personality. So far I seem to be able to get away with anything because I’m so cute! But I do have an older sister who’s onto my game. She’s going to be a tough one to win over, but how can anyone resist me?