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Author: Sarah Jones


Your Questions About Pekingese Beagle Mix

James asks…

Adopted a Peagle from the pound how do I handle the aggression?

About two weeks ago I adopted a Pekingese and Beagle mix from the pound. She was very sick and we have nursed her back to health. I adopted to her to have a playmate for my male beagle and she will not stop attacking him whenever he is around. Can anyone please offer some advice on how I can get them to better interact. My beagle does not stand up to her he just runs away and yesterday when I tried to seperate them she then went after me.

Sarah Jones answers:

I dont know, but put this in the dog section, not the cat section, and you will get more answers

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Your Questions About Boxer Lab Mix Puppies Adoption

Chris asks…

Should I adopt this puppy?

Theres this pet rescue that was offering a boxer/lab mix at a pet adoption in front of my work on Saturday. I immediately fell in love with this puppy. He was the only one to survive in the litter and him and the mother were confined in a really small space. I think this stunted the growth a bit, because the puppy was TINY. Well he ended up getting adopted by a family on Saturday but when they took him to the vet they said he had rapid bone growth and his “bowed” legs might need surgery. So the owner of the rescue brought the puppy into my work today and said I could have him as a birthday present (free of charge) if I would take care of him.

I’m a huge animal lover, and turning down a 2 month old puppy is almost the hardest thing in the world to me. But I already have a year old boxer in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Not only that, but she kept saying “the only condition of having him is that you take him to our vet.” It seemed fishy that she would want me to take him to a specific vet, and that vet had told them the dog could be fixed without surgery, and with help of a brace/splints. I’d really love to help this dog, and I’m sure my other dog would love a companion. But it breaks my heart to say no.
What would u do?
I do believe I can afford the dog. Right at this moment at least. I just don’t think I’m prepared for extra expenses if it has to have surgery.

And I’ve known the ladies at the rescue for almost two years and I always volunteer my time with them. I just felt like there was something she wasn’t telling me about the condition. The people that “adopted” the dog on Saturday were a mom and dad with 2 kids. So if they couldn’t afford the dogs problems, that makes me worry that I wont be able to.

But my animal lover side tells me to do what I can to help this animal… cuz other people might not be able to, especially with the economy.

Sarah Jones answers:

“There is always another person who is willing to spend the money”

Wow. There is almost NEVER a person willing to spend the money on these kinds of things in rescue. Most rescues have to make the difficult decision to put down these animals.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the rescue group wants you to go to their vet to make sure the puppy actually gets the treatment it needs to survive. It is done all the time with spay/neuter so they can keep track and make sure it is done.
If you are uneasy about this course of treatment, ask the rescue if you can at least get a second opinion from another vet. If they concur, there is nothing to worry about.

I commend you for wanting to take this on.

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Your Questions About 106 And Park

Maria asks…

Who was the acoustic singer on 106& park with the beautiful voice? It gave me chills?

who was that acoustic singer from 106 & park. yesterday ( 9/10/08) his voice was beautiful. He song an original song called ” Withdrawal”. It was him and a guy in the back ground playing a guitar. Please someone tell me.

Sarah Jones answers:

Stompin Tom Connors

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Your Questions About Rat Terrier Pictures Info

Carol asks…

Care and Info on Boston Terriers?

I adopted a 2 year old Female Boston Terrier yesterday from my local Humane Society.
She is healthy and so far, very active and playful.
I will be taking her to the vet soon for a blood test, so she can start on heartguard, as well as a flea and tick medicine.
I know how to care for dogs, i have a lab, and rat terrier, so for the basics i’ve got that covered.
but I have never owned a Boston terrier before, and decided to adopt instead of buy,
i’ve been researching and reading up on things, but have yet to find specific needs of the breed.

Is there a special type of shampoo they need (sensitive skin, with oatmeal, i noticed she has some dandruff)?
Ear cleaners?
or any other things?

Thanks so much.
here’s a picture of her.

Sarah Jones answers:

She is adorable. Bostons do not need bathing often and the “dandruff” may be dry skin due to cheap food. Bostons often are allergic to corn, so make sure the food does not contain any corn. ( Read side of package under ingredients). If you Google Bostons you will read a lot about their personalities. They are very smart, very cuddly ( they love to sleep under the covers in bed with you) and can be very stubborn. They are very strong willed. They love toys and play a lot.
Thank you for saving a life by adopting and not supporting backyard breeders and puppy mills.

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Your Questions About Basenji Mix Pictures

Mark asks…

Why is our family dog suddenly vicious and scared at me? (he attacked me)?

he is 9 months, Border Collie/ maybe a Basenji mix and is male
Picture of him –

for all his life he has loved all of us, i always played with him and im always with him but 2 days ago i got home from school (Im 15 years old) and he started growling at me, i have no idea why because he loves us, he had attacked me and i had 4 teeth and 1 scratch wound down the side of my face, my mum and dad were yelling at him for a while and we sent him outside while i needed help, its been a day and now he’s scared of me, staring, avoiding me and still growling at me.

Please tell me why



Sarah Jones answers:

Don’t nueter him right away. Take him to the vet assess the problem, and nuetering will stress him out a little bit. Enough to put him over the edge again!

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