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Archive for November 2012


Your Questions About 106 And Park

Maria asks…

Who was the acoustic singer on 106& park with the beautiful voice? It gave me chills?

who was that acoustic singer from 106 & park. yesterday ( 9/10/08) his voice was beautiful. He song an original song called ” Withdrawal”. It was him and a guy in the back ground playing a guitar. Please someone tell me.

Sarah Jones answers:

Stompin Tom Connors

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Your Questions About Rat Terrier Pictures Info

Carol asks…

Care and Info on Boston Terriers?

I adopted a 2 year old Female Boston Terrier yesterday from my local Humane Society.
She is healthy and so far, very active and playful.
I will be taking her to the vet soon for a blood test, so she can start on heartguard, as well as a flea and tick medicine.
I know how to care for dogs, i have a lab, and rat terrier, so for the basics i’ve got that covered.
but I have never owned a Boston terrier before, and decided to adopt instead of buy,
i’ve been researching and reading up on things, but have yet to find specific needs of the breed.

Is there a special type of shampoo they need (sensitive skin, with oatmeal, i noticed she has some dandruff)?
Ear cleaners?
or any other things?

Thanks so much.
here’s a picture of her.

Sarah Jones answers:

She is adorable. Bostons do not need bathing often and the “dandruff” may be dry skin due to cheap food. Bostons often are allergic to corn, so make sure the food does not contain any corn. ( Read side of package under ingredients). If you Google Bostons you will read a lot about their personalities. They are very smart, very cuddly ( they love to sleep under the covers in bed with you) and can be very stubborn. They are very strong willed. They love toys and play a lot.
Thank you for saving a life by adopting and not supporting backyard breeders and puppy mills.

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Your Questions About Basenji Mix Pictures

Mark asks…

Why is our family dog suddenly vicious and scared at me? (he attacked me)?

he is 9 months, Border Collie/ maybe a Basenji mix and is male
Picture of him –

for all his life he has loved all of us, i always played with him and im always with him but 2 days ago i got home from school (Im 15 years old) and he started growling at me, i have no idea why because he loves us, he had attacked me and i had 4 teeth and 1 scratch wound down the side of my face, my mum and dad were yelling at him for a while and we sent him outside while i needed help, its been a day and now he’s scared of me, staring, avoiding me and still growling at me.

Please tell me why



Sarah Jones answers:

Don’t nueter him right away. Take him to the vet assess the problem, and nuetering will stress him out a little bit. Enough to put him over the edge again!

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Your Questions About Boxer Mix Puppy

Charles asks…

Boxer Puppy Mix help!?

I have a 12 week old Boxer puppy mix. We adopted her a week ago, and when we adopted her they said that she had a broken toe, and thats why she was casted up. They said the cast could come off today and low and behold she was able to get at her paw and tore some of the cast off. After smelling a potent smell from the cast my husband took the cast off *since they said it could come off today as well*…

After a few hours he has noticed that she is walking on it funny.
Where it is supposed to bend toe its bending at the ankle.. She can walk on it and doesnt seem like shes in any pain.

We are bringing her to the vet tomorrow for them to look at it since they are closed now and since it was pre existing we have to take it to them in order for it to be covered.

We want to know if the limb is dead or it is just because she hasnt used it for a while.. Any help would be appreciated.. Is this going to have to be recasted? or amputated? Whats wrong with my pup?

Thank you

Sarah Jones answers:

She hasnt used it in a bit it might be sore

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Your Questions About Shepherd Mix Dogs Florida

Steven asks…

Are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixed dogs banned in Either Port Charlotte or Sarasota, Florida?

My husband and I have three dogs. We have a full blood dachshund (Ryder), a German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix (Dio) we adopted last Christmas, and just recently adopted a pit bull mix from our local humane society(Dexter). He is 5 mo. old, and the sweetest thing. I was hesitant to adopt because I didn’t want to deal with the BSL prob. However, he was on the kill list, and was snatched from the brink by the local humane society. I am a responsible owner, and well aware that some areas of certain states ban/restrict this breed or mix. We do not want to move anywhere where Dio and Dexter are not permitted or are restricted in any way. I tried a general search because I forgot the original site I’d been on that stated the areas, but it was just too much. Thank you for all your help. ^_^
I definitely remember asking about Port Charlotte or sarasota. Thank you for the link, but it said nothing about either. No dice, sorry. Please help! We want to move when my husband gets promoted.

Sarah Jones answers:

Remember there are alot of breed that resemble pitbull mixes. Shelter are only guessing what breeds.

Lol around here there one shelter here that is very dicy on breeds i’ve seen at least half a dosen purebred dogs become mixed breed overnight, and 1/2 a dosen mixed breed come purebred overnight.

I’m not kidding on this.

Pitbulls are banned in Miami, Miama Dade Country that all i could find.

So i suspect most of Flordia currently allows pitbulls

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