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Your Questions About Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

Daniel asks…

it’s getting bad please help!?

my mom lives in NC and she has 2 dogs 1 is a lab mix thats kind of small she is 4 yrs old, then an australian shepherd thats is 2 yrs old

for the past couple months the australian shepherd will start fighting and bitting the neck of the other, not playing. luckily the lab hasnt gotten hurt to bad yet, then a sore neck

when she starts fighting we cant get her off…how do we??

and how do you stop two dogs from fighting!?…if it keeps happening the lab is going to get seriously hurt
my moms house has a nice back yard they get tons of love and exercise so why is one so mad and take it out on the weaker dog!?
they start fighting randomly we will be inside and then hear them outside and come out to see the austraian attacking the lab

Sarah Jones answers:

I am not certain as to why this happens. However when I brought my new puppy home, my older dog was NOT happy. She would growl at the puppy and play very rough. My only thought it that the Australian Shepherd feels threatened and wants to show her power. The more nuetral the area the less likely they are to fight. When they start to fight firmly say no. How does the AS play with other dogs?
I wish you the best of luck as I know this can be a pain and stressful to deal with!

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Your Questions About St Bernard Boxer Mix Puppies

David asks…

looking for GOOD information on these dogs?

first i would like to ask that if you are not going to answer my question with respect, then please dont even answer. now, i have already asked this question but i suppose i didnt put enough detail in the question because none of the answer were what i was looking for. i am NOT a first time dog owner, i have had a rotti, 2 boxers, & a little mixed pup. i am soon going to be getting my own house with my fiance, i dont have children at the moment, but i do plan to have children sometime soon (within the next year/year and a half, maybe 2 years). there are a few dogs that have peeked my intrest but i have a few questions about each other them. i want a purebred, not anything that has been mixed. the breeds i am interested in are st. bernard, newfoundland, and a great pyrenees. i am very aware that each dog will cost me quite a bit of money as far as food, shelter, toys, grooming, etc. etc . the QUESTIONS are …

A.) around about how much money will it take just to BUY one of the puppies?
B.) would each of them get along with one other small dog and my children WHEN i choose to have them?
and C.) which of these dogs would be a better watch dog/protective of his/her owner and property?

AGAIN, please dont contribute to my question if you cant answer what i am asking

Sarah Jones answers:

I can tell you that a Newf puppy from a *reputable* breeder will cost $1800 minimum. Any pup less than that is coming from a potential BYB (with little or no regard for health and temperament), they don’t show their Newfs, or particpate in any of the working events for Newfs, they don’t do health checks, they just breed two Newfs together. You can get those Newfs for about $700 and up. However, in the long run, it may cost you a lot more than that if your dog has serious health issues. The price for a show or pet puppy from a reputable breeder would be the same price- ALWAYS. They don’t charge more for show dogs. The cost of the puppy is the cheapest part. Everything with all of these giant breeds cost more. Food for a full grown Newf would be about the same as food for a Lab or a Golden. Newfs can be protective of their families, but they deter people more by their size and their bark. They are absolutely NOT outside dogs, they need to be with their people.

My best friend has Pyrs, I don’t know how much they cost, but I would imagine it’s about the same as Newfs, when you buy from a reputable breeder. They are protective and loving with their family members. Some tend to bark…a lot. Also, they are guardian dogs from mountainous regions, so they tend to roam, as their territory covers a wide berth. My friend’s Pyrs upkeep costs the same as Newfs, actually she has two Newfs and two Pyrs. Pyr’s need tall fences to keep them contained (about 8 ft. Tall) they have the nickname – Dis-a-pyrs.

Both of these breeds get along well with children and other pets.

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Your Questions About Burmese Mix

Ruth asks…

my newest addition to the family -australian shepherd/burmese mountain dog mix licks himself constantly?

at first, I thought he had fleas and was itching himself (he scratches alot, too); but, he also constantly licks anyone who will let him. My skin around my ankle is wearing thin! Any ideas what is causing this behavior?

Sarah Jones answers:

Could be a habitual behaviour caused by anxiousness. It also could be that the behaviour started because he is itchy and has continued as a habit. Does he have any skin redness or hair loss? Does he have any signs of mites or fleas?

Dogs that lick people a lot are often trying to convey their understanding of their position in the pack. In other words they are reassuring you that they understand that they are the lower member and that you are the leader. Dogs that do this a lot may be overly anxious.

Although this is normal behaviour, because it is excessive I would suggest you rule out medical reasons such as skin allergies or infestations first. Also, to stop it becoming an obsessive compulsive disorder I would aim to reduce this behaviour. You can do this by redirecting him everytime he is licking himself excessively or whenever he licks you or any other person. Carry a chew toy around with you and when you catch him licking say “ah ah” firmly but calmly and give him the toy. Make a big deal of him when he stops licking and praise him/treat him. Also make sure you praise him randomly when you find him amusing himself in more appropriate ways.

Good luck with your licky pooch.

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Your Questions About Shepherd Lab Mix Dog

Maria asks…

is it ok to use german shepherd dog foor with a lab mix?

hi so i might be getting a GSD/lab mix and i was wondering if i could use german shepherd special dog food or should i use labrador dog food because i want special breed dog food for it is better for them. what should i do

Sarah Jones answers:

There is no such thing as food for specific breeds, or at least not that I’m aware of…

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Your Questions About Pit Husky Mix Puppies

David asks…

young pit/mix puppy began bleeding (heat?) this am, she is only about 20 weeks old!! any ideas?

I have placed a call to my vet but wanted to see if anyon here could help too…My puppy is only about 20 weeks old and she began bleeding this morning!! i thought the average age for this was 6 months old?! she is mixed pit and husky supposedly…

Sarah Jones answers:

5 months is at the early end for a first heat cycle, but it is definitely possible.

It has nothing to do with breed or mix…some females come in earlier than others. Your vet will likely recommend a spay about 4 weeks after her heat cycle ends.

In the meantime, you can reduce the bloody mess with special “underwear” (if you can stand to see her in them) – I think the last time I needed a pair for my girls, I bought some children’s underpants, cut a hole for the tail, and inserted pantyliners as necessary :).

You will need to watch her carefully, and never leave her alone outside. Even if you just send her out to pee for 5 minutes, a male can jump the fence and get her. The heat cycle will last about 3 weeks.

Good luck!

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