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Archive for September 2012


Your Questions About Mix Puppy Chow

Mandy asks…

What would be the best choice brand of puppy chow for a Black Lab/German Shep. mix?

I would like to know what would probably be the best choice brand of puppy chow for a just-weened-off-the-milk Black Lab/German Shephard mix puppy. ALSO, include why you would recommend the choice of food.

Sarah Jones answers:

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed. Better for their bones and joints, more L-Carnetine, plus antioxidents.

(And German Shepherds need all the help they can get with their joints!)

There are other brands which are also good, but be sure whatever you pick, is easy to find. If you’re in the USA, Hill’s is a popular brand that’s easy to find.

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Your Questions About Shepherd Sheltie Mix

Laura asks…

Where can I find eco friendly materials for a dog house?

I’m going to be building a dog house for my Shepherd /Sheltie mix. Where can I find some eco friendly materials? I know where to get some pallets, just having trouble with the rest.

Thanks in advance.

Sarah Jones answers:

The local landfill is always a boon for material, although the nails/screws usually have to be bought

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Your Questions About Great Dane Shepherd Mix Dogs

Daniel asks…

I really love Great Danes and German Shepherds, would either get along with my small dogs?

Whenever I move to a bigger place with a nice yard, I’d like to get another dog. German Shepherds are so smart, and Great Danes are so adorable. I’ve never had first hand experience with a Great Dane though. The next dog I get will come from a rescue.

Which one would be best with a cat, mini dachshund, basset/beagle and border collie mix?

Sarah Jones answers:

I don’t know much about Great Danes, but I know for a fact that a German Shepherd will get along with all your pets! 🙂

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Your Questions About Yorkie Beagle Mix Puppies

Thomas asks…

i want a puppy that wont get hurt! please help?

we are considering getting a new puppy but i would like some help in knowing what breed would work for us.
we want a small breed the smaller the better!
but we have a large german sheperd puppy who is 6 months old and needs a playmate asap.
she can be a little rough and thats where the delema comes in what breed would be small enough but wont get hurt by her if she plays.
and i do not want anything like a beagle or hunting dog.
i would prefer somthing like a yorkie, or somthing like that.
what would you suggest.
ps. please dont talk about what kind of care they need or yard space or needing attention trust me we have all the needed normal demands a dog requires so its not a worry.
and after i find a breed that might work, ill consider searching for a rescue dog or one that is maybe a mix..but thats why im asking here to figure out where to start my search at. …lol
so please help.
well if she is still a puppy she will get along with another puppy if she is raised with it.
so far she loves other dogs.
the main reason for a new puppy aside from id like to have one and we have the time and room is.

our german shepherd is trying to play with our cats and they hate her but she is mauling them while she is trying to play so she really needs a playmate, and yes we play with her too but us alone is not enough for her.

Sarah Jones answers:

Maybe a chuiwaia or a german shepard

king charles

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Your Questions About Small Cute Puppies

Donald asks…

Ok can anyone give me names of cute puppies which are small?

I’d like to buy really cute ones I’d spend about £100-£200 please help.

Sarah Jones answers:

Shih tzu

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