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Your Questions About Lab St Bernard Puppies

Mandy asks…

name for a male st.bernard puppy ?

i just brought home a 7 week old st.bernard puppy he is so cute but we need a name for him i have a lab named daisy so i was thinking duke like daisy dukes but i dont know any opinions would be nice i also like names that start with Z thanks so much

Sarah Jones answers:

Zach, Zander, Zody. I think I like Zander or Zody. Zander short for alexander which means Protector of Mankind….That would be real good since the dog I’m sure will protect you and your family … Zody means Cusion of Life. Thats kinda cute. Duke is sweet. Duke means Title of nobility.

I think you should go with Alexander and call him Zander for short. It seems a good fit.

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Your Questions About Greyhound Chihuahua Mix Pictures

Lisa asks…

Puppy Name Suggestions?

Our dog just gave birth to two puppies two weeks ago, and we’re trying to figure out a name for one of them. He’s big (for a two-week old puppy), almost entirely black, and really lazy, and I expect he’ll be pretty docile in his personality. His sister is smaller and more of a carmelish brown, and she’s also really active. They’re both chihuahua/italian greyhound mixes and won’t be bigger than 5lbs each (and yes, I do get asked this a lot, but an Italian Greyhound is a very small version of a regular Greyhound).

We’ve named the girl Felony because of her personality and tenancy to be a spit-fire and a trouble-maker. We all like this name, so no worries there.

But with the boy, we cannot find a name that we like. We like funny names, and we’ve been thinking of names that fit his description, as well as names to match his little sister. I’ve also been looking at names of dark alcoholic drinks and liqueurs.

Here’s a picture of them together (this was taken two weeks ago, the day they were born. They are a LOT bigger now, but I don’t have the newer pictures on my computer yet)

Have at it! (also, I will try to get a couple updated pictures up here so you can see what they look like now)
We aren’t keeping the puppies, we just need something to call them for the next 6 weeks. I knew someone would suggest bailey!

Sarah Jones answers:

I would honestly wait until their personality fully develops around 8 weeks before naming. We gave a littler we had nicknames that had to do with their personality, and by the time they reached 8wks. Their personality had totally changed! The girl we called Sassy was sweet and the girl we called Sweet Girl was sassy! Just a tip there…

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Your Questions About Dachshund Beagle Mix Weight

Helen asks…

I am having trouble getting my puppy to eat.?

I got a half Beagle half Dachshund on Sunday and she isn’t wanting much. She is now 9 weeks old. It could be a number of things. The weather has been about 40 degrees at its high during the day with humidity, she just got a serving of de-wormer Wednesday, she doesn’t like the food, she is stressed from her new environment. Since it has been 5 days I am starting to get a bit worried. She got sick Thursday morning but it was about 12 hours after the de-wormer. She also got sick this morning but it could have been because we went for our first walk in the heat. We have been feeding her Nutri-science dry because it is what her last owners were feeding her and we are also feeding Medi-Cal Development Wet.

I have tried wetting the dry, heatings and wetting it, adding chicken broth, mixing it with the wet food, crushing it and mixing it with the wet.

When she does it she will have maybe a dozen pieces of kibble and maybe one or two small spoon fulls of wet and that is every 4 hours or so. I know the cans and bags are just an estimate of what they should be eating in a day and they say 1 cup of dry or 1 can of wet for her weight. She is maybe eating a third of that.

Am I worrying for no reason? Any thoughts?

We are back to the vet next week for her 2nd shots. If she is still not eating any thoughts of what we should get tested at the vet so we don’t drop a huge amount of money.
I guess I worry a lot because I had a cat that passes away at 6 because of gastro issues.
Yeah, I am not a big fan of the foods we have. I was planning on trying the Solid Gold Puppy food, gets solid rankings across the board because of its ingredients. I am a little hesitant to change foods so quickly because it is what she was given at her first home.

Sarah Jones answers:

When my Yorkie was a lil pup, he wouldn’t eat his kibble at all- my vet suggested a few things-

1. Nasty smelling wet cat food, either alone or mixed in his kibble.
I would start it alone, just to see if there is any interest. To a dog “stinky = yummy”!

2. Try shredded cheddar cheese. Again first try in alone and if he
likes it, then put it in his kibble. It will fall to the bottom of the bowl and the idea is, that as he is routing around to get the morsels of cheese, he will start eating some of the kibble.

3. I have done this with cooked crispy Turkey bacon, in tiny lil pieces mixed in the kibble too. I even put the kibble in the pan that the bacon has been cooked, to allow it to aborb some of the bacon flavor and oils. This really encourages him to route through the kibble to get to “the good stuff”!

Lastly- I recommend trying Solid Gold “Wee Bits” or any specially made kibble in tiny bites, because for a Yorkie the kibble needs to be very small. This has been a good size for my lil 6 pounder. He also loves the roasted chicken you buy ready made at the grocery store- rotisserie chicken that I tear into bite size for him. Yum!

It is ok to give your pup the Ceaser’s food mixed in as well, however, kibble is beneficial in keeping your pups teeth in good shape.

The small kibble is also specially formulated to give balanced nutrition to dogs that only eat small amounts of food.

Good Luck!

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Your Questions About Pug Lab Mix Look Like

George asks…

Question about West Highland Terriers?

I have always wanted a Westie and my husband and I are going to look at one tonight.

We already have a 1 1/2 year old Black Lab/Old English Sheepdog mix that we got fromt he humane society. He is the best dog ever. He also thinks he is my real son! He gets along with anyone and every kind of animal. He plays with two boston terriers and a pug and he is 3 times their size. I know he would love the puppy, but my concern is, will the puppy like him?

The Westie will be ready on Thursday so he is only a few weeks old. We are also trying to have a baby so I was wondering how he would be with that.

I think as long as we train him right he will get along with my other dog. Am I right?
I know the entire name of the dog…didn’t think I had to be so specific. You obviously know what dog I am talking about! Get over yourself!
I didn’t ask how old the dogs are exactly but the breeders are very well respected, they are old enough to come home, that’s why they aren’t ready until Thursday.
Wow, everyone is so critical

Sarah Jones answers:

I grew up with a wonderful Westie in our home. He came the same time my younger brother was born–and there was never any problem between the 2 of them–in fact I have many fond memories of them growing up together–and tons of pictures of my brother from a very very young age, hugging and even trying to ride our westie!
The puppy really should not be taken from his mom and littermates before 8 to 10 weeks–this is really important. The longer he can stay with his mom, the better.
There are many sites that describe how to introduce a new puppy into a household.
Here is the google link–with lots of sites!
Good Luck!

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Your Questions About German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppies

Nancy asks…

Would a puggle and a German shepherd-chow mix get along?

I live with my mom and dad and they have a German shepherdchow mix. They have no problem with me buying a puggle puppy, but we are concerned about how they may get along. Anyone have any idea how these dogs may do living together? Thanks!

Sarah Jones answers:

Personally I Would Not get them together. Usually German Shepperds are great with any dogs, but my reservations are about the ‘Chow’ blood. Chows are very, ‘very’ territorial with a strong character and Love to be Alone with exception of their own race.
Based on that I would be very, very careful, and if it was me I wouldn’t put them together because when there’s a time when they’re alone or without supervision Anything Could Happen.

My own opinion based on dealing lots with dogs; my brothers and I volunteer to rescue all types of dogs and cats for our local Animal Rescue division. We also own Three wonderful large dogs: A full size rescued Greyhound, and two Great Danes.

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