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Archive for December 2011


Your Questions About Boxer And Briefs

Betty asks…

How do you keep boxers and boxer briefs to stop rising?

I wear boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Usually when I am wearing my boxers, they always rise up and go past my bellybutton and hurt my balls. When I am wearig my boxer briefs, the elastic on the bottom that is tight on the thigh area, it usually goes up and I always have to pull them down. Is there a way for this not to happen?

Sarah Jones answers:

You could try a size smaller on boxers. Otherwise that’s just what boxers do sometimes. As far as the boxerbriefs problem I have a few suggestions. Try wearing boxerbriefs with a spandex or microfiber material. Cotton tends to loosen up and the material can then do whatever it wants. With something with more of a spandex or microfiber material, they’ll form to your body more and tend to stay where they’re supposed to. I myself like the Calvin Klein microfiber pairs. Something else you could try is to get a style called trunks. They’re the same as boxerbriefs but with a shorter leg length. This way there isn’t all that material to get bunched up, but they still look better then briefs. Last idea I just heard from someone but never tried. If you iron the cotton pairs you have, I heard they grip more to your legs and stay where they’re supposed to. Not sure but you could try. Shoot me an e-mail. We seem to have the same interests, and if you have other questions let me know.

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Your Questions About Finnish Spitz Dog

Donald asks…

Does anyone have any Info on a Finnish Spitz (dog breed)?

I’m doing a bit of research and i want to find out more info any ideas?

Sarah Jones answers:

Yeah. Google.

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Pearl the Dalmatian Mix from Tennessee

Hi, my name is Pearl. I’m a dalmatian mix puppy from Tennessee. Daddy was looking for a new dog online and he fell in love with my picture. I am a really nice dog, but I’m shy around kids. They run around a lot and I try to stay out of their way! I don’t mind strangers, though, as long as they pet me! I’m just a big lap dog.


Hazel the Dalmatian Staffy Mix from Oregon

Hi, my name is Hazel. I’m a 13-year-old dalmatian/staffy mix from Portland, OR. My parents took me in when I was only 5 weeks old, and they were so protective of me that they made me sleep in their bed. I grew up to be 70 lbs., and I still insist on sleeping on the bed (they actually bought a bigger one to accommodate me). I am very smart and I always tilt my head when people are talking, trying to analyze what they’re saying. They call me the “People Whisperer”. I have my own, pet, too, a terrier mix named Oscar who I love very much. My favorite place to go is the beach. I’m so overjoyed when I get there, I bark with glee the whole time. For an old girl that’s beaten cancer and had her knees replaced, I think I look pretty good!


Becks is a retriever/dachsund mix from Atlanta, Georgia

He was adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue. He is very clumsy and frequently falls off the couch while rolling over for a tummy rub. Becks loves to play fetch but gets so excited to play with whatever toy he’s fetching that he ends up smacking himself in the mouth with his paws.