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Archive for December 2011


Your Questions About Lab Mixer

Laura asks…

a hard head lab that is a year old?

i can’t seem to get my lab mixer to listen to me to stop when she runs off

Sarah Jones answers:

Your dog is still considered a puppy. You have to be very careful when you let a dog off the leash!!! That is how a dog gets lost or hit by a car!!

You have to start out training a dog when it is a puppy as far as coming to you when it is let off a leash. I have a 3 1/2 month old Lab puppy. I only take her off the leash in a safe area where I can get her and not worry about cars or her getting away from me.

I have trained her to come back to me with treats. She knows that when she does come back she will get a treat!!
I have been doing this since I got her at 6 1/2 weeks old.

Labs are very smart and easily trained. The trainer has to have lots of patiences and time to spend with the dog!! Getting upset with the dog will not help anyone. This will only make the dog not want to come to you!!! It knows you are upset but doesn’t know why????

Just make sure when you are training your dog you do it in a safe place. Make sure it has all its tags on it. Your name, address and phone number.

Good Luck

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Your Questions About Lab Akita Mix Puppies

Lisa asks…

What’s the deal with Laboradors?

Lately, it seems like all the dog attacks I’ve been reading or hearing about have been from Labs, or Lab-mixes. It wasnt too long ago around here an infant in a baby swing was left unnattended for a while and the family’s Lab puppy ATE the child. The article didnt elaborate, but I’m guessing he disemboweled the child and was consuming that when caught. I’ve since read 4 other stories (all from different places) about people who were attacked by Labs. That just seems SO out of character for a Lab to do something like that. Chow….Pit Bull….Akita….I can buy into that, but I just cant believe that a LAB can turn like that. Anyone have any theories?
20 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.

Sarah Jones answers:

My theories….

In many districts Labradors will rank as one of the most common large breed pet dogs. This means that statistically the chances of being bitten by a labrador or lab cross are likely to be increased.

Add to this the factor that Labradors have very ‘plain’ features (a lot of puppies look like Labradors while they are puppies) and so many crosses are ‘guessed’ at being Lab crosses that may in fact not be. Even pitbulls have been mistaken for Labrador x Boxer mixes!

First and foremost ….. These incidents occur in the majority of cases by dogs whose owners are not in control.

Dogs have played a role beside man throughout our history, however in todays society the role they are often asked to play is one of their most challenging…..treated as pseudo babies, children, toys and psyciatric stabilisers, the structure they require that was once obtained through their pack or their position in our homes (for example, outside, on the door step or by the hearth) is now often so blurred that many are in need of their own counsellors.

What is amazing is that many dogs do meet the challenge of todays modern lifestyle and continue to provide the loyalty and devotion that they always have.

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Your Questions About Lhasa Apso Yorkie Mix

Michael asks…

Why won’t my lhasa apso’s hair grow?

I have a 7.5 month old lhasa apso/yorkie mix puppy. His hair look almost the same length it did the day I brought him home — both breed are long hair dogs, so I don’t understand why this is happening. What are the possible reasons and how can I address them? The vet said it might be allergy, but she seems so unsure of herself that it’s not reassuring.

Sarah Jones answers:

My Lhasa”s hair is more thick than long,he is fluffy,but it doesnt groom down like long hair,it is wavy and his tail is fan.dont kno much about yorkie but having a mixed breed will only give you a mixed outcome,and throwback to some other way,dont been too upset,im sure your dog is adorable,its cost me aprox $50 to have my boy properly groomed.he loves you and mayb try a difrent vet incase you are really concerned.good food and good grooming evryday+health.enjoy.

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Your Questions About Hound Mix Personality

Jenny asks…

What kind of personality does your Boxer-Boxer Mix have?

I have a Boxer Mix, (Boxer and Hound we think) and I love him to death. We never owned a Boxer before him, and I think he has a lot of Boxer traits. He has the most energy, he’s definitely the most hyper dog I have ever owned. He’s very protective and is a good watch dog. He doesn’t know a stranger, and loves anyone that will give him attention. He’s a big goof off, and I love his little facial expressions. He’s very loving and tries to get in my lap even though he is 80 lbs. He’s 1.5 yrs. old and full of energy. Loves to be outside and go for walks or just play with toys. He’s just an all around good dog.

Sarah Jones answers:

I’ve had 4 boxers and they are the biggest sweethearts, you pretty much described my dogs.

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Your Questions About Maltese Mixes For Sale

David asks…

I have a small pekenees mixed with maltese for sale anyone interested send me and email for details?

beautiful small white with a touch of carmel lovable and sweet needs a good home gonna start school and work full time job so he needs more attention..please he needs a good home asking price $500.00 starting

Sarah Jones answers:

This is not a place to sell your mutts. Reported.

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