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Archive for December 2011


Trixie the Hound Mix Puppy from New York

Hi! My name is Trixie True and I’m a 16-week-old hound mix puppy (beagle, perhaps?) from upstate NY. My mommies adopted me on Christmas Eve from the North Shore Animal League. At first, they named me Gypsy, but then they realized I’m much more of a Trixie. I’m a happy-go-lucky little girl. I love to cuddle, play with my big brother, and of course eat, eat, eat! Unfortunately, my mommies just found out that I am going blind from something called PRA, so they are training me to be an extra good listener. It won’t be hard, though, because I’m really smart. I’m still looking forward to doing all the things that sighted dogs do, like hiking and swimming! I have a very supportive family and everyone loves me so much…I can do anything!


Ollie is a lab/basset hound mix from Elkridge, Maryland

Ollie is a lab/basset hound mix from Elkridge, Maryland. He was dropped off at a pet store when his owner’s two purebred dogs produced an unwanted litter of mutts. His new Mommy and Daddy couldn’t resist taking him home. Ollie is very affectionate and loves to play with cats.


Bruno is a lab/basset hound/chow mix from Grapevine, Texas

Bruno is a lab/basset hound/chow mix from Grapevine, Texas. As you can see, he loves to play peek-a-boo with clothes. He also loves his Loofa toys (and who doesn’t?). Bruno is “the sweetest little boy,” says Mom. And we can tell!


Howard the Basset Hound Mix from Illinois

My name is Howard, but you can call me Howie. I am a basset hound/lab mix from Park Ridge, IL. My family went to the shelter looking for a small, female dog – but once they saw my face they had to take me home. Not only am I handsome, but my legs go out in different directions. I have a huge basket full of toys, and I love to chase the fish in the lake, but my favorite thing in the whole world is my Mommy.


Lucy the Basset Hound Mix from California

Hi! I’m Lucy from San Diego, CA. I am 5 months old and growing very fast! I was saved from a yucky pet store, where they told my mom I was a basset hound/lhasa apso mix. (No one really believes that.) I live with my two aunts, who are dachshunds, and I love to play with them. When I’m not playing, I go everywhere with Mommy. People fawn over me and I welcome the attention. But Mommy is my favorite. I give her lots of love and I know she loves me back.