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Archive for December 2011


Duke the Beagle Mix from Illinois

My name is Duke and I am a beagle/bulldog mix puppy from Morris, IL. I spend my days playing with my big sister and getting into everything. I like toys that make noise (especially the ones that give Mommy a headache), and I love people, especially kids. I’m getting bigger every day, but I’m still a bundle of puppy energy!


Copper the Beagle Mix Puppy

Hi there! My name is Copper and I’m a beagle/Japanese chin mix. Mommy calls me a Chingle. A man bought me as a gift for someone else–who rejected me!–and I was non-refundable. So for awhile I lived outside on the man’s back porch–in the winter! It was awful and I got very sick. Then my new mommy found me and brought me to the doctor, who made me all better. He called me “Fireball.” Now I liveĀ insideĀ with my mom and an older dog named Cloudy. Cloudy has lots of toys and a cozy bed. Now they are mine. I bother Cloudy a lot, but she just growls at me and wags her tail, so I know she really likes me. Sometimes, I even get my very own human boy to play with. I think I’m going to live happily ever after.


Lexi the Beagle Mix from Connecticut

Hi, my name is Lexi and I’m a beagle/pointer/whippet mix from Hebron, CT. I was adopted from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society when I was 2 years old. A few years later, my parents discovered I had shotgun pellets in my back! But you’d never know I had a difficult childhood, because I have a positive attitude. I love agility, and I’m the fastest dog at the dog park because of my long legs. I’m smart, too. When Mommy turns her back, I can scarf up a whole dish of cat food in one lick.


Dr. Cummupins the Beagle Mix Puppy from Michigan

Hi, my name is Dr. Cummupins, but you can call me Cuppie. I’m a beagle/terrier mix puppy from Kalamazoo, MI. My littermates and I were found in a dumpster, covered in fleas, but we’ve all been adopted and are doing great. I’m a pretty quirky guy. Every day, I insist on getting in the shower with my Dad at 5:00 in the morning. Then I go back to bed (wet) and shower again with Mommy at 7:00. When I’m not showering, I take a lot of pride in keeping squirrels and raccoons out of the yard. I walk around with my chest sticking out for hours after I’ve scared one off.


Zen the Beagle Mix Puppy from Tennessee

My name is Zen and I am a beagle mix puppy from Greenbrier, TN. I was 8 weeks old when these photos were taken (I’m about 4 months old now, but I’m still just as cute.) I love to bark and play, and I get along great with rambunctious kids. Daddy calls me a little piggy when feeding time rolls around. I step in my food bowl, and once I even climbed into a bag of food to take a nap. I just can’t help myself!